Oh Sunshiny Day...

22 September 2008

Remember Marley the rastafarian bunny? Well here's your chance to put together your very own super sunshine loving Paper Marley! He even comes with this summer's must-have beach couture for bunnies: Ray-Bun sunglasses!

You can download your free Paper Marley here. As usual just cut out + glue + attach arms & ears.

Done making Marley? Please take a picture of your Marley and upload it to the Dollies Around the World! flickr pool ^_^


Working On A New Project...

18 September 2008

Soon the boys will be back in town...


Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

15 September 2008

In the upper right corner we have the hot, the spicy, the king of all peppery BBQs...EL PICANTE! And in the lower left corner darkness prevails...he will make your nightlights flicker and your teddy bears scream for their mommies, please welcome the one and only...DON NOCHE!

Both El Picante! and Don Noche! are participants in Mycryptonauts' awesome Battle Royale!

Want your own paper wrestling guardian? Download your free El Picante! or Don Noche! Just print + cut out + fold & glue!

Is your Paper Pepa looking a bit lost standing all alone by himself?

Well Paper Salt is here to keep him company! You can download your free Paper Salt here.

Just cut out, glue together and attach ears & arms to stop poor Pepa from feeling miserably lonely ^_^

Done putting together Paper Salt? Please add a picture of him to the Dollies Around the World! flickr pool!



02 September 2008

Above you see one of the most laid-back kitty-cats that ever purred on this planet. I actually found him snoozing away in my stash of yarn!

Besides dozing of every now and then, Ziggy loves dancing to 80s disco hits and munching on freshly made fishcakes.

Please pay this stripey cat a visit at the Dolly shelter! *SOLD*

Oh and don't worry, Ziggy is trained NOT to eat your beloved goldfish ^_^

Just Another Manic Monday? No worries Paper Pepa is here to brighten up your day, your cubicle or your office desk! All you need to do is:

1. Download free Paper Pepa here
2. Print
3. Cut out
4. Glue
5. Attach arms & ears

Done! Smile at happy little bunny! ^___^

Finished making your Paper Pepa? Please upload a photo of your Pepa in action or chilling out to the Dollies Around the World! flickr pool!