As you can see above, my fellow tree hugging nature loving friends, an extraordinary animal rarer than the yeti himself has been sighted! The Bunolagus Ficus Noodicus, also known as Baldwin or Noodie, is one of the rarest and most endangered mammals in the world, with probably no more than a handful of individuals left. This wide-eyed rabbit has an extremely limited distribution area, found only in Bob Ross like landscapes near Shropshire, England.

It typically has a white woolly tail, rather prominent pink coloured bottoms and wears a brightly coloured fig leaf, covering his ehrm "you know what". The Bunolagus Ficus Noodicus usually sports a somewhat scared facial expression (but wouldn't you as well without a pair of pants?). Baldwin is known to be very fond of the outdoors, Bob Ross and carrot cake.

This nocturnal species is nowadays found in only a few places, one being the Dolly Oblong Asylum where an exemplary member is waiting for a protective home. *SOLD*

Sticky Business

26 August 2008

No, no, not because I stuck my fingers in the jar of strawberry marmalade... But because of these CUTE bunny stickers! Below are some pictures of the fun I had while making these.

Want your very own "peel 'n stick" bunny? They're now available in my Etsy shop. If you would like some bunny stickers but prefer them in red, white and blue (or any other colour) or want all of your bunnies in the same colour, just let me know! I'd be happy to make them for you...sticker making is quite addictive ^_^ paper, paper and some more paper. Oh that and two mice. This 'Mount Everest of Paper' is being handmade into my very first Dolly Oblong Labels!

These will be attached to the ears, paws, tails or other body parts available of members of the Dolly family. They come in two different sizes (the poor little mice encountered some balancing problems while walking around with the BIG labels attached to their ears...) and in a rainbow range of colours.

Cheese Anyone?

25 August 2008

While strolling on the beach of Bunnyloo Bay I tripped over what appeared to be a brown oblong log, no it was more like a coconut...but less hairy...with two ears...and wearing what seemed to be rastafarian swimming pants!

After the initial shock ("Oh My God a bald coconut with stripey trunks!!) I overcame my fear by poking the unidentified object with one of my flippers (a scientifically proven method) and up bounced this cheerful brown bunny listening to the name of Marley!

Marley loves beach volleyball, the sun and Bob (Marley obviously...)

This always optimistic bunny is looking for a sunny home

Oodles of toodles!

Salt 'n Pepa
Salt 'n Pepa are here to spice up your kitchen! These two buddies met each other while fighting over the very last vanilla iced donut with strawberry jam filling (who wouldn't want one?) at their local deli called "Carrots are for Cake". In the end they decided to split it 60/40 (Salt is slightly bigger, so 50/50 wasn't an option for poor Pepa...)

Since then they have become the best of friends, sharing their favourite cookies & cupcakes. Now about their hobbies, Salt loves baking apple pies (have you ever tried adding a pince of salt to your apple pie? It'll do wonders!!), although his favourite dish is eggs & bacon. Pepa loves hanging out with Salt and his favourite activity is jumping up and down the couch with a bucket of popcorn watching a game of basketball. He prefers salty popcorn obviously...

These two friends have decided to each go on an adventure separately to expand their (culinary) world. They are waiting rather impatiently at the Dolly asylum


Dolly Oblong Says Hello!

20 August 2008

Hello there stranger! You are witness to the BIRTH of a newborn craft blog (which is a little less gruesome than it may sound…). So first of all, thank you for visiting this blog which will give you a glimpse of the happenings in the knitted world of Dolly Oblong.

In this universe you may haphazardly stumble upon nifty knitted creatures who call themselves Dollies. They can often be found rummaging around (preferably in your freshly restocked kitchen cupboards…) and love getting themselves into all sorts of mischief. At this place I will keep you posted on their happy adventures and chit-chat about all things crafty. So I hope to see you back soon!

If you would like to adopt your very own Dolly be sure to check out the Dolly asylum at