Salt 'n Pepa
Salt 'n Pepa are here to spice up your kitchen! These two buddies met each other while fighting over the very last vanilla iced donut with strawberry jam filling (who wouldn't want one?) at their local deli called "Carrots are for Cake". In the end they decided to split it 60/40 (Salt is slightly bigger, so 50/50 wasn't an option for poor Pepa...)

Since then they have become the best of friends, sharing their favourite cookies & cupcakes. Now about their hobbies, Salt loves baking apple pies (have you ever tried adding a pince of salt to your apple pie? It'll do wonders!!), although his favourite dish is eggs & bacon. Pepa loves hanging out with Salt and his favourite activity is jumping up and down the couch with a bucket of popcorn watching a game of basketball. He prefers salty popcorn obviously...

These two friends have decided to each go on an adventure separately to expand their (culinary) world. They are waiting rather impatiently at the Dolly asylum


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I love Salt n' Pepa!

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