Paper Totem! x Dan Matutina
Once upon a time there was a little boy carrying a big bad wolf... check out these magical Paper Totem! pieces by Philippine designer and illustrator Dan Matutina aka Twistedfork! Dan creates truly inspiring artworks with a focus on shapes and textures.

We Are Paper Toys!

30 May 2010

We Are Paper Toys! (cover)
Some months ago I was contacted by the lovely Louis Bou of Monsa to be part of an upcoming paper toy book and... now it's out! We Are Paper Toys! features over 30 designers, including good friends such as Paul Shih, Horrorwood, Loulou and Tougui.

Click through for a sneak peek...

Paper Totem! x Scott Schaller
Need a bit of cooling down in summer..? Say hi to Yanci the Yeti! This lovely long-armed creature is a Paper Totem! custom by Scott Schaller. Scott also designed some other cool Yanci goodies, which you can check out here :)

Cookies, Monsters & Balloons !
Do you like cookies, monsters & balloons? Who doesn't! :) New yummy pin-me-on creatures are now waiting for you at So badges, badges get y'r badges!


Paper Totem! x Jonatack
Next stop on the Paper Totem! track are these funky fresh pieces by awesome Mexican artist Jonatack! Jonatack is the genius behind a magical world full of simply wonderful characters which he creates on all sorts of surfaces and in a rainbow of colours. Have a glimpse of these creatures here!


10 May 2010

Say hello to Cleo! Ever since this green kitten uncurled from high heaps of wool, Cleo just loves to snooze... In her kitty basket, on your couch, in the cookie jar, it doesn't matter she just dozes off! :)

Meet the Oblongs!

04 May 2010

Meet the Oblongs!
ob·long (ŏb'lông', -lŏng')
n. An object or figure, deviating from a square, circular, or spherical form by elongation in one dimension.

Totem Q & A @Toysrevil
To celebrate the One Year anniversary of Paper Totem! there's an interview up at wicked toy blog Toysrevil! Cheers heaps Andy ^__^ To read up and check out more Totem pics... clickclick here


Paper Totem! - Year One
Today it's exactly one year since the launch of the Paper Totem! project, and it has been quite a year: with 99 unique designs, 36 brilliant artists from around the world and over 133729 downloads, the first totem year has gone far far beyond my greatest expectations. Thanks so much to all of you involved!