Vote for Lammy!

27 November 2009

Lammy never was the softest ball of yarn, nor the tallest piece of string, but he is definitely the toughest of threads!

To prevent from being turned into a silly shawl, stripey sweater or some bizarre bonnet, Lammy has armed himself with a pair of spikey knitting needles. Knitters and crochet-lovers out there, better beware of this wooly knit ninja!

Paper Totem! - Pandacrew

25 November 2009

Paper Totem! x Pandacrew
Meet these stunning black-and-white Paper Totem! pieces by graffiti collective Pandacrew! Founded in 1999 by Ant (aka PNDK) & Etc Pandacrew has been busy drawing, spraying walls, designing toys and dropping pieces of panda everywhere ever since :)


24 November 2009

King Leo now has a couple of colourful cousins: CMYK Leo! This funky pack of lions first came to life at the Playgrounds Festival paper toy workshop and is now up for adoption ^___^

Get your very own CMYK Leo at

Limited edition of 25, each one comes numbered and signed. Free worldwide shipping included. Just cut + fold + glue :)


Paper Totem! x Marshall Alexander
Video killed the radio star? Check out this double-sided Paper Totem! duo by none other than Marshall Alexander! Paper engineer Marshall is known for his highly creative one-piece constructions and neat-o retro inspired designs. Be sure to stop by his fresh new blog to keep track of his latest awesome toys ^_^

Paper Totem! x Marko Zubak
Yes it's been a while but the Totem train is on the move again! Next stop this very VERY stylish Paper Totem! sculpture by artist and designer Marko Zubak.