Urban Paper Show

29 July 2009

Some exciting news! The past few weeks I've been working on new one-off paper toy designs for the Urban Paper show at gallery SUBWALK in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Now they're finally done (and I can't wait to show them to you!) but first some info on the show:

Paper Totem! - Elebea

24 July 2009

Paper Totem x Elebea
Fancy a bit of ice cream? Well you better take a bite of these sugary sweet totem pieces by Argentinean designer Elebea! She designs the coolest creatures and has done some really sweet collaborations so be sure to take a peek at her work ^___^

Paper Totem! x Paul Shih
Check out this new black-and-white totem trio by the brilliant artist/designer Paul Shih! These heavy metal (but cute!) designs were inspired by Paul's Hollow Threat project which also promises some VERY slick new limited-edition resin toys... So be sure to keep your eyes peeled on his shop :)))

Paper Cat Pack!

18 July 2009

Paper Sunny!
The paper pack of cats is complete! Meet the latest addition of the kitty family... Paper Sunny ^__^

Paper Totem! - Matucha

15 July 2009

Paper Totem! x Matucha
Check out these cutie pie cannibal Paper Totem! pieces by Mexican artist Matucha! She designs the sweetest characters with a twist so be sure to check out her work :)

Paper Totem! x Olla Boku
Feeling sick? The OB medical team will find the cure ^__^ These creepily cute new Paper Totem! pieces are designed by the super wonderful Olla Boku! Not only does she design stunning illustrations she also makes squishy sweet plush, so be sure to take a peek at her shop :)

Say hello to Sunny! This technicolored kitty cat used to be a pale and grey kitten until one sunshiny day he ran to the jingling ice-cream van, tripped over a pot o’ gold and landed face-first in a big bright rainbow :)

Paper Totem! x Anita Mejia
New Paper Totem! designs have landed! Ths time by the lovely Mexican artist Anita Mejia. Gracias Anita ^___^ Be sure to stop by her imaginary world full of very distinctive creepy cute characters...


06 July 2009

Fancy some chicken? Meet Tucky! This wee cheerful chicken suit wearing chap is a custom for the Nanibird series by Josh McKible, who recently designed the MonkeyButts for the totem :)

So start hatching and grab your very own Tucky by clicking here


Paper Totem! x Morgan Gleave
Ahoy me hearties, a sailing ship full o' pirate kitties has just set foot ashore Paper Totem! ground! So shake hands with the crew of Good Ship Lady Arabella by UK illustrator Morgan Gleave: rough, toughie Captain Nathaniel Cat, the lovely Lady Arabella Cat, grumbling Sammy Cat and last but not least Mr Billy Socks, the salty sea dog! More about their adventures coming soon at the anywere chronicles blog :)

Dolly O. Workspace
The lovely Jessica of the Shiny Squirrel just posted an interview with yours truly at the Shiny Squirrel blog. Read more about paper, plush + inspiration here!

Above is pic of my studio space :)

PS Two funky lion cubs are still waiting for adoption at the Shiny Squirrel gallery