Paper Lions Unleashed!

15 February 2009

The paper pack of lions is complete! So meet the entire bunch from left to right: the cool 'n clean Ivory... strong 'n feisty Colossus... dark 'n disco Indigo... and last but definitely not least calm 'n collected Rameses!

To download your own paper lions click on the names below:

White & Orange Ivory!
Brown & Yellow Rameses!
Yellow & Red Colossus!
Black & Funky Indigo!

As with previous Paper Dollies all you need to do is cut out + glue + attach arms & hair.

Done making your paper lions? Feel free to add some pictures of 'm to the Dollies Around the World Flickr pool ^__^

Have fun!


Ground Control To Major Tom

09 February 2009

Look who I found floating in space... It's Major Tom! Tommie for friends ^_^

This cute kitty cat has been obsessed with space traveling and aliens ever since watching E.T. Tommie hopes to become an astronaut some day so he can encounter some strange alien friends himself!

For the time being though Tommie just loves staring at space from planet Earth in his cozy sky blue sleeping bag...

Want to say hi to Tommy? He's waiting for you in the Dolly asylum *SOLD*


The family of funky lions is finally complete! Meet the two latest additions to the pack: Rameses & Colossus!

Rameses the most curious cub of the two is always up for a challenge. He was winner of the most popular TV talent show in the Savannah: Rockiest Roar!

Indigo, the youngest of the pack, is the feistiest of 'm all! He's crazy about karaoke singing and loves dancing under starry skies.

Both come in their own bright tartan sleeping bags!

Rameses and Indigo are waiting to be adopted by you in my etsy shop.



Yessss Ivory now also comes in paper! This funky orangy haired lion just loves to sleeeep...

You can download your free Paper Ivory here! As with previous Paper Lions all you need to do is cut out + glue + attach arms & hair.


Psssssst...Ivory and Colossus are still waiting for adoption at The Shiny Squirrel :)