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18 September 2009

Custom Munny Loulou
Meet Loulou a custom 8" Munny for gallery Garabat in Bilbao, Spain! Here's his background story:

Far far away beyond the rocky rainbows, beneath the starry skies on the border of the horizon lives the cuddliest of creatures called Loulou.

You may not have heard of him but you have seen his work. He is keeper of the sun and guardian of sunrise and sunset.

Every morning before the roosters crow, little Loulou wakes up early and pushes the shining sun out to the East. In the evening when the sun is tired and its light is weakening he tucks it away safely in the West. To catch a wee glimpse of Loulou all you have to do is look up every now and then. When he fulfills his duty at sunset and sunrise the sky bursts a cry of happiness and shines in pretty pink...

Available at or via mail: galeriagarabat(at)

For more pictures feel free to check out my Flickr

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Unknown said...


jim bradshaw said...

One of my favorite custom munnys I've seen in a long time.

Mr. WalkieTalkie said...

How did you customize this I tried with shrapie and it just spreads when you touch no matter how long you wait to dry.

Dolly Oblong said...

Thanks very much guys! :)

@ Mr Walkie Talkie it's customed with acrylic paint. If you want to use markers use posca's instead of sharpie, that should do the trick. Have fun!

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