Tag Team Cute!

16 November 2008

Meet Baby Bear! And awww doesn't she look sweet? She and her best friend Baby Mouse work together to win people over with their cuteness factor ^_^

Baby Bear & Mouse also have identical twin sisters! Together they form two kid friendly custom order gift sets. Here's a picture of the whole package:


Oops it's been a while... I've been busy busy sewing, packaging and sending off Dollies to different corners of the world! A big thank you to the people giving some of the Dollies a lovely new home ^_^

Here are some pictures of 'm posing with their sleeping bags before they jetted off!

Baldwin's a bit afraid of flying as you can tell by the look on his face...

Stilton is looking a bit worried too...

but Ziggy couldn't wait, he even put on his orange tartan bow tie!