As you can see above, my fellow tree hugging nature loving friends, an extraordinary animal rarer than the yeti himself has been sighted! The Bunolagus Ficus Noodicus, also known as Baldwin or Noodie, is one of the rarest and most endangered mammals in the world, with probably no more than a handful of individuals left. This wide-eyed rabbit has an extremely limited distribution area, found only in Bob Ross like landscapes near Shropshire, England.

It typically has a white woolly tail, rather prominent pink coloured bottoms and wears a brightly coloured fig leaf, covering his ehrm "you know what". The Bunolagus Ficus Noodicus usually sports a somewhat scared facial expression (but wouldn't you as well without a pair of pants?). Baldwin is known to be very fond of the outdoors, Bob Ross and carrot cake.

This nocturnal species is nowadays found in only a few places, one being the Dolly Oblong Asylum where an exemplary member is waiting for a protective home. *SOLD*

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