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26 August 2008

No, no, not because I stuck my fingers in the jar of strawberry marmalade... But because of these CUTE bunny stickers! Below are some pictures of the fun I had while making these.

Want your very own "peel 'n stick" bunny? They're now available in my Etsy shop. If you would like some bunny stickers but prefer them in red, white and blue (or any other colour) or want all of your bunnies in the same colour, just let me know! I'd be happy to make them for you...sticker making is quite addictive ^_^


Mary Kelly said...

I"m going to be printing some stickers soon. I'm curious about how you put these together. Did you print them all out on one sheet, cut them out and then remove them from the sticker backing and put them on a new piece of paper? Are you using wax paper?

I'm working on some sticker designs tonight and going to try and print some tomorrow.

Hey maybe you want to trade?


oh and totally cute bunnies by the way. love them!

Dolly Oblong said...

Thanks Mary Kelly!! :) Actually I printed the bunnies on different colours of card stock paper and used a xyron sticker maker to turn them into stickers.

A swap sounds great! If you're interested please send me a mail at dollyoblong(at) with details where I can send them to ^_^

Good luck making your stickers!

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