King Leo (top) - Urban Paper NL
So finally here they are... pictures of the pieces currently for show @ the Urban Paper show in gallery Subwalk :)

For the show I designed 3 new toys: a blue statue of King Leo, a birdy-panda-whale-licking beaver Dolly Paper Totem! and the big brainiac Billy Brains!

The opening last weekend was absolutely brilliant :) It was lovely meeting Loulou, Marshall Alexander, 3EyedBear, MCK, Ringo Krumbiegel, Sjors Trimbach and Roos of Subwalk! And they all had a go at drawing a piece of totem ^___^

For more pictures check out the flickr links belows:

Nick Knite
Marshall Alexander
Sjors Trimbach


PS If you are interested in adopting any of these pieces of the show drop me a message at dollyoblong(a) :D


Unknown said...

DOLLY... beautiful stuff as always! Wonderful to see some of your art, Love LEO on his pedestal - amazing!

Renmeleon said...

Brilliant stuff. Panda? Did you say panda??? Ok, now I have to dig through all your bears to see if you have a panda. Pandas are my fiance's favorite. LOL I think he needs one for his desk...

Show looks like it was fun. Again, great work!

papermate said...

Wooooooooow! Creative and cute as always!

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