Paper Totem! - Zitone

31 May 2009

Paper Totem! x Zitone
Ooooh look at these two mysterious critters crawling and flying all the way from Brazil... These slick pieces of the Paper Totem! are by the radical Brazilian designer Zitone! Obrigado Z ^___^

Zoom over to the links below to catch yours:
Download Zitone Yellow
Download Zitone Pink

Have fun!

Paper Totem! - ADMSXT

30 May 2009

Paper Totem! x ADMSXT
Just in time to kick start some paper toy building this weekend are these brain munching creatures by French designer and paper toy blogger ADMSXT! He has been a very busy man and also just totally revamped his paper toy site Paper Toy'z.

To hunt down this scalp scavenging duo click the links below:

Download ADMSXT Green
Download ADMSXT Turqoise

Bon appetit!

Paper Totem! x Jellybox
Summer's here so time for some flowery cutesy customs! This tower of triplets is designed by the very talented UK artist Jellybox, check out her flickr for some more loveliness ^__^

So flower up your garden and click the links below:

Download Jelly Purple
Download Jelly Blue
Download Jelly Pink

Have fun!

Double Rock!

25 May 2009

Rock Collab With Tougui
A little custom collab' project with the brilliant Tougui resulted in these two black and white fellas :)

Tougui reskinned Paper Ivory, and I gave a new suit to his yeti Harry. To download these rock 'n roll brothers click the links beloooow:

Download Tougui Lion
Download Brixton

Let's start a band ^___^

Paper Totem! x Chauskoskis
A new piece of the Paper Totem! has landed! It's Totemualdo by Mexican artist Chauskoskis. He's done cracking customs and has really smashing toys in the making so be sure to check out his work!

The great thing with Totemualdo is... it's up to you if he has a beard, a massive hairdo (as in the photo above) or is overall very very hairy! Print out as many as you want and combine front and back as you wish ^____^

Download Totemualdo

Have fun!

Between all the paper cutting, gluing and folding there is still some time for knitting plushies ^__^ Up above are two custom orders I've just finished, a sturdy football bear for a little baby boy and a chubby bunny for a baby girl.

Hmmm what plush to make next? It's up to you! Vote vote vote in the poll on your right --->

So what will it be: bunnies, kitties, teddies or fishies?


A while back I was contacted by the lovely organizers of Expo Stickers 2009 if I was interested in a paper toy + sticker collaboration with them, the results: Paper Stickies!

The one above is the first in a series of six. This one is covered with logos of EXS 09, but the next 5 will feature stickers from artists around the world! So want your sticker on a toy AND participate in a great expo? Send your stickers before the 30th of June to:

Expo Stickers 2009
Caixa Postal 941
Curitiba - PR - Brasil

To download the first Paper Sticky! fly over to EXS 09 website


Check out these brilliant Double Trouble Paper Totem! pieces by toy designer & tea lover extraordinaire Lunartik JOnes! He has brewed this season's must-have vinyl toy for all you fellow tea drinkers out there: Lunartik in a cup of tea :)

To download this cute duo in the photo above just click the links below:

Download Double Trouble 01 (blue)
Download Double Trouble 02 (green)

Oooh I'm off to play some Bubble Bobble...

Meet the Little Monsta's! These splashing sweet additions to the Paper Totem! are made by paper pal Sal Azad and came swimming all the way from Indonesia ^__^

So fancy some crab, a piece of fish or a bit of bat? Click-a-click the links below:

Download Lemoncrab
Download Berrybat
Download Grapefish

Haaaave fun folks!

Check out these rocking Paper Totem! pieces by delicious designer duo Loulou & Tummie! Be sure to stop by their site for much more funky (paper) goodies ^__^

These metal fellas are all yours by clicking the links below:

Download Loulou and Tummie 01
Download Loulou and Tummie 02

Rawk on! :)

Between all the Paper Totem! madness a crazy little kitty cat has arrived. This time it's the paper alterego of mischievous ginger Bang Bang!

To download your very own Paper Bang Bang just click-a-click here

As usual just cut out + glue + attach arms & ears :)


Meet the Speakerbugs! These cute colourful Paper Totem! customs are designed by UK artist Ben the Illustrator well-known for his Speakerdog series. Thaaanks Ben! So forget about creepy crawly slugs and get y'r Speakerbugs ^__^

To catch these pieces of the totem just click te links below:

Download Speakerbug 01 (pink)
Download Speakerbug 02 (yellow)
Download Speakerbug 03 (blue-green)

Have a great weekend!

Paper Totem! - Tougui

07 May 2009

More fantastic Paper Totem! customs coming in ^__^ The designs above are made by amazing French illustrator Tougui! His unique style is just dribbling all over these totem pieces... Merci Tougui!!

Download Tougui 01
Download Tougui 02

I'll be "bugging" you with some more Paper Totem! designs soon ;)