Paper Totem! - Tougui

07 May 2009

More fantastic Paper Totem! customs coming in ^__^ The designs above are made by amazing French illustrator Tougui! His unique style is just dribbling all over these totem pieces... Merci Tougui!!

Download Tougui 01
Download Tougui 02

I'll be "bugging" you with some more Paper Totem! designs soon ;)


fishbiscuit13 said...

The second one gets an invalid file error. Resubmit?

Dolly Oblong said...

Hey Fishbiscuit! The link seems to be working fine for me? If you keep getting an error plz email me at dollyoblong(a) and I'll send you the pdf :)


fishbiscuit13 said...

Ok that was weird, it works now. Thanks for putting all these up, they're amazing!

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