Paper Sticky! #3

30 June 2009

Paper Sticky! #3
Paper Sticky! #3 has just landed! This charming pink haired chap is filled with new funky stickers from 20 different artists participating in Expo Stickers 2009 :) To download this third toy in the Sticky! series head on over to the EXS 09 website

Which reminds me I should finish my sticker designs soon too... :o


Paper Totem! x Josh McKible
Check out this cheeky monkey trio by Josh McKible! Top illustrator Josh is of course well known for his brilliant NaniBird paper toy series. For Paper Totem! he came up with Monkeybutts creatively using all sides, and tying all three pieces together to give one of the monkeys a shocking surprise...

Paper Totem! x Reactor 88
A new piece of the Paper Totem! has arrived... this time in true totem fashion by designer and toy customizer extraordinaire Reactor-88! Reactor-88 incorporates all sorts of crazy cool totem elements in his toy customs, so be sure to check out some more of his work :)

Lil King Gami!

23 June 2009

Lil King Gami
A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by funky fresh new website Pimp It 3D for a custom paper toy collaboration project. The result… Gami!

This toothy little chap is now up for grabs at Pimp It 3D. This brand new piece of web tech takes customizing toys to the 3rd dimension. It allows toy customizers to showcase their artwork and customs in 3D :)

Paper Totem! x Machintoy
Check out this animalistic totem trio by Colombian artist Machintoy! Through inventive use of the bottom sides each one hides an interesting pair of ears :)

Paper Sticky! #2

15 June 2009

Paper Sticky! #2
Fresh off the sticker press is Paper Sticky! #2. This funky green haired fella is filled with stickers from 20 different artists from around the world participating in Expo Stickers 2009! To download this second toy in the Sticky! series head on over to the EXS 09 website

Want to be on the next toy and participate in the expo? The deadline for sending in your stickers has been extended until July 31. So get out those markers and start doodling ^___^


Check out these stylish pieces of the Paper Totem! by the lovely Amee & Csaba of Chobopop! These funky designers from Budapest create delicious graphics and unique hand crafted plush ^__^ For the totem they made two owls and a fierce-looking bat:

Download Vampire Bat
Download Brown Owl
Download Ice-Blue Owl


From the dark side of the moon a midnight addition to the Paper Totem! has arrived... it is the brilliant Horrorwood's Lord of Thunder! These highly detailed mysterious creatures chant "We are thunder. We are light. Together we join to rule the night."

Grab your Horrorwood masterpieces here:

Download Lord of Thunder 01
Download Lord of Thunder 02

Nite nite don't let the bed bugs bite...

Check out these cool Paper Totem! characters coming over from Italy by the lovely Ithinkp.! aka Panfilia. Together these three chaps build up to be the yummy scrummy Hatfish!
Grazieeee mille Pan ^__^

So get y'r chopsticks ready, dinner's served:

Download Hatfish 01
Download Hatfish 02
Download Hatfish 03


Meet Man-3-Faces! This stunning custom by toy fanatics extraordinaire Triclops is based on one of their childhood faves, the He-Man character called Man-E-Faces. Cheers again guys! I used to have that action figure ^___^

Sooo which face will it be Monster, Robot or Warrior? Or even better all three! Clops 'm here:

Download Man-3-Faces Warrior
Download Man-3-Faces Robot
Download Man-3-Faces Monster

Have fun :)