Check out these cool Paper Totem! characters coming over from Italy by the lovely Ithinkp.! aka Panfilia. Together these three chaps build up to be the yummy scrummy Hatfish!
Grazieeee mille Pan ^__^

So get y'r chopsticks ready, dinner's served:

Download Hatfish 01
Download Hatfish 02
Download Hatfish 03



Toxik_Envy said...

For some reason the bottom totem wont go together as I hope, only because there is this one fold that has paper totem wrtten on it and I have no idea where it's suppose to fold and put. Please help. >.<

Dolly Oblong said...

Hi Toxik! The bottom of the totem piece below works like the bottom pieces of the other two :)

So mountain-fold the outer dashed lines of the bottom part of the totem, then valley-fold the inner dashed lines. And glue the little tabs on the inside.

Let me know if you keep having trouble!

Toxik_Envy said...

Maybe its because i'm so new at this that I don't get what "mountain-fold" & "valley-fold" is, lol. So i'm still a little confused.

Dolly Oblong said...

Hi Toxik! Mountain fold means turning both flaps of paper on either side of the fold downwards (turnng the fold into a mountain ^_^). A valley fold means turning both flaps of paper on either side of the fold upwards (which turns the fold into a valley)

Here's a little illustration to see how it works: how to Paper Totem!

Hope this helps :) G'luck!

Unknown said...

the link for hatfish 03 doesnt work D:

DjeDje-007 said...

The Hatfish 03 link os still dead x_x.
Please put it again on mediafire :)

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