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16 November 2008

Meet Baby Bear! And awww doesn't she look sweet? She and her best friend Baby Mouse work together to win people over with their cuteness factor ^_^

Baby Bear & Mouse also have identical twin sisters! Together they form two kid friendly custom order gift sets. Here's a picture of the whole package:



Mary Kelly said...

I love him so much. The blue was a nice color choice. I really like how you do your eyes on your softies. It adds a nice texture and personality. :)

Dolly Oblong said...

Aww thanks so much Mary Kelly you're too kind :) Sewing the eyes on is my favourite bit too, it's when they come alive!

RenMeleon said...

Omgosh the bear is precious!!! I love his little face, such a cute expression. Makes me want to draw him. hehe I would love to see your sketchbooks sometime if you work on paper first. I love seeing the process behind things like this. He's adorable.

Eyes are fun! I am making a plushie version of my screaming carrot* and the eyes are so important for mood I have been digging through bottles of them for a while trying to decide. hehe Poor thing is blind till I figure it out, no wonder he is screaming!

*Screaming carrot is a character in the children;s book I am working on right now, Clementine's Garden.

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