Paper Lions Unleashed!

15 February 2009

The paper pack of lions is complete! So meet the entire bunch from left to right: the cool 'n clean Ivory... strong 'n feisty Colossus... dark 'n disco Indigo... and last but definitely not least calm 'n collected Rameses!

To download your own paper lions click on the names below:

White & Orange Ivory!
Brown & Yellow Rameses!
Yellow & Red Colossus!
Black & Funky Indigo!

As with previous Paper Dollies all you need to do is cut out + glue + attach arms & hair.

Done making your paper lions? Feel free to add some pictures of 'm to the Dollies Around the World Flickr pool ^__^

Have fun!



G said...

Thx for the template, they look colorfully cheerfull!

Dolly Oblong said...

Thanxxx G & Spok-spok!! Have fun making one ^____^

mamirruquis said...

very nice,I like it...

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