Paper Totem! x Anita Mejia
New Paper Totem! designs have landed! Ths time by the lovely Mexican artist Anita Mejia. Gracias Anita ^___^ Be sure to stop by her imaginary world full of very distinctive creepy cute characters...

Collect your cute totem creatures by clicking the links below:

Download Anita Mejia Bunny
Download Anita Mejia Cat
Download Anita Mejia Dog



Sharp said...

Where did you put the blue and violet ears? can't figure out how to put these 2 toys one above the other

DjeDje-007 said...

It's impossible to download the dog on mediafire.

Access denied :(

DjeDje-007 said...

I find a way to download the dog template. You have to create an account on mediafire an donwload the file to your account

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