Paper Totem! - Pandacrew

25 November 2009

Paper Totem! x Pandacrew
Meet these stunning black-and-white Paper Totem! pieces by graffiti collective Pandacrew! Founded in 1999 by Ant (aka PNDK) & Etc Pandacrew has been busy drawing, spraying walls, designing toys and dropping pieces of panda everywhere ever since :)

Grab your piece of Pandakroo by clicking the links below:

Download Pandakroo Top
Download Pandakroo Center
Download Pandakroo Bottom

Etc also made a really cool one-off hand drawn totem which you can spot in Pandacrew's flickr page ^__^



Jerom said...

Yeaaah,another fun custom!

Nicole Bell said...

it is so cute!
(>^_^)> <(^_^<)

Yeyen said...

ngehehe. just printed this one! ;)

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