Paper Totem! x Marko Zubak
Yes it's been a while but the Totem train is on the move again! Next stop this very VERY stylish Paper Totem! sculpture by artist and designer Marko Zubak.

Marko not only creates amazing paper sculptures, he also started every paper toy lovers favourite online magazine II Love. Every issue of II Love is full of pictures, interviews and templates from paper toy designer worldwide. Download issue 3# here for an interview with yours truly :)

Grab your funky paper pieces by clicking the links below:

Download Zubak Top
Download Zubak Center
Download Zubak Bottom

More Paper Totem! pieces coming soon... ^__^


Andrea said...

Hey, I love your blog. It's super cute. Feel free to check mine out @

Sandra said...

I just love your header, it's so cute:)

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