We Are Paper Toys!

30 May 2010

We Are Paper Toys! (cover)
Some months ago I was contacted by the lovely Louis Bou of Monsa to be part of an upcoming paper toy book and... now it's out! We Are Paper Toys! features over 30 designers, including good friends such as Paul Shih, Horrorwood, Loulou and Tougui.

Click through for a sneak peek...
The book shows the process from initial sketch to finished product and includes a cd with a ton of templates ready for you to print, cut and build! So go grab your copy now :)

We Are Paper Toys! (inside)
Really honored to be part of this, thanks so much Louis! It has been a lot of fun, so who knows... we might collaborate again somewhere in the future...



Unknown said...

Are the templates on the cd new or ones that we can download for free already? (sorry if its a double post)

Dolly Oblong said...

Hi Pasmon, thanks for stopping by! On the cd there's a new template: Bubbles, the bunny with a cap!

toyib said...

is it in malaysia already?

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