Dolly Oblong Says Hello!

20 August 2008

Hello there stranger! You are witness to the BIRTH of a newborn craft blog (which is a little less gruesome than it may sound…). So first of all, thank you for visiting this blog which will give you a glimpse of the happenings in the knitted world of Dolly Oblong.

In this universe you may haphazardly stumble upon nifty knitted creatures who call themselves Dollies. They can often be found rummaging around (preferably in your freshly restocked kitchen cupboards…) and love getting themselves into all sorts of mischief. At this place I will keep you posted on their happy adventures and chit-chat about all things crafty. So I hope to see you back soon!

If you would like to adopt your very own Dolly be sure to check out the Dolly asylum at


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