16 April 2009

Sooo some time ago I received a message by the editor of the Portuguese magazine Smash! if I was interested in teaming up with them for an exclusive Smash! paper toy design for their first issue. The result? Smasher! A big-mouthed feisty but friendly green little creature ^__^

So for all the Portuguese people out there, Smash! is now in stores! So buy one, or three...and build a totem ;)

PS No my copy of the mag didn't arrive wrinkly it's just the background of the template :D


Anonymous said...

haha, amazing Pictures and post.

Dolly is the best! :)

Thanx again

Big Kiss from Portugal.


Unknown said...

I bought that magazine and I think the smasher is funny, but I was more interested in the poster in the other side (sorry for that) :P
But great work anyway!

Jerom said...

I lke the way you use brights colors on your papertoy!

One question: where do I download the zombie/rabbit papertoy (on the left) of the new header? :D

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