Paper Totem! - Castleforte

01 September 2009

Paper Totem! x Castleforte
The tallest of totems has arrived by none other than artist and animator Castleforte! Besides designing super awesome toys Castleforte is of course the creator of every papertoy fans favourite site

For Paper Totem! he created this staggering 7-piece Wack & Blite Totem :) To download your sky high totem click the link below:

Download Wack & Blite Totem

Onwards 'n upwards...


Unknown said...

WOAH! Guess what I'm building next!

KmilaRodz said...

Hi there !
I've just decovered your blog and your work is amzing ! I specially enjoy the plushie !
Really really good job !
Love your style and your colors !
You make my day !

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