Urban Paper Tokyo @ Cafe Pause

07 September 2009

Close-Ups Bubblebot - Urban Paper Tokyo
Next stop of the Urban Paper world tour is Tokyo! The paper toy circus has landed at the very cool looking venue Cafe Pause located in Ikebukuro, where the show will run from September 7-20. Organiser Josh McKible came up with a funky paper toy mascot which is available here.

For the Tokyo show I designed 3 new paper pieces: fortune kitty Lucky, a special edition NaniBird custom called Tucky and the pink bunny robot Bubblebot!

If you're interested in purchasing any of the paper pieces just drop me a line :)


PS The winner of the Paper Plush Giveaway will be announced at 09-09-09 at 9pm CET, so don't forget to leave a comment if you want to enter :)


Jerom said...

This pink bunny robot is really awesome! I didn't think you like this kind of papertoy.... next step: a Gundam Bunny? :D

Methuup said...

Wow Bunnybot, and it's not gonna show up somewhere for free in the future?
And it's not gonna cost 300$ like one of Matt's toys?
Details please.

Dolly Oblong said...

Cheers guys! Hmmm Gundam bunny... ;)

@Methuup no plans of releasing a bubblebot template yet, but it's not costing 300$ either. More something like 3500 yen... :)

Alexander Gwynne said...

Some how i dont think you will ever give away bunny bot, however i love it enight to buy it!

How much is it? if its in my price range id love to give this toy a new home!

bare in mind i love in the UK so postage would cost a fortube? dont supose you could sell me a flat print sighned and numbered?

Alexander Gwynne said...

oh by tha way i was refering to the robot bubble bunny and mt e-mail is desktopsquid@hotmail.co.uk

J45M1N3 said...

How do you get lucky? (the cat toy)

Dolly Oblong said...

Hi J45M1N3! The last few Lucky templates are now for sale here: http://dollyoblong.bigcartel.com/product/lucky


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