Paper Totem! - Katari

11 June 2010

Paper Totem! x Katari
Work hard! Sell hard! Play hard! These uber-cool patterned Paper Totem! pieces are made by Manchester illustrator and designer Katari! Tom, the super cool guy behind Katari, creates truly fresh and vibrant designs so be sure to keep an eye out on his work n_O

So what are you waiting for? :) Grab your funky pieces by clicking the links below:

Download Katari Work Hard
Download Katari Sell Hard
Download Katari Play Hard

Have a lovely weekend!


Ann said...

Wow cool, is it draw by hand?
keep the good work dolly !!!

Jerom said...

Really awesome!

Dolly Oblong said...

Thanks Ann, all kudos to Katari of course!

Merci merci Jerom! When will we see yours? ^___^

franz said...

what is the password for the files? i cant open them after downloadging...

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