Paper Totem! x Bubi Au Yeung
Hellooo you lovely people, hope you are all enjoying a fun sunny summer! The Paper Totem! train is rolling on thanks to this absolutely wonderful custom by Bubi Au Yeung: GhostB

Thanks so much Bubi! And doesn't he look cool? GhostB is the first character in Bubi's Proj B series which will be super for sure. In the picture above Paper GhostB is posing with 5" Polystone GhostB recently released by Crazylabel ^___^

If you want to get to know GhostB better, he is:

* a good observer
* a mute and uses sign language to communicate with others
* he would go out of control when he blushes
* he is a culprit
* his accusation: too shy, naive, bad temper, hiding many secrets

What's not to love, right..? :) To download your paper GhostB click the link below:

Download GhostB

To read more about the adventures of his big polystone brother be sure to keep an eye out on the Proj B flickr group!


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linh said...

it's so cute! love it! thank you

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