Paper Totem! has kicked off! This new paper custom project will bring you designs by artists from around the world, each designing their own piece of totem for you to collect + build + stack ^__^

Together these multi-coloured mascots will make one giant paper totem. Totems support larger groups than the individual. Each animal or spirit carved on the pole represents a distinctive meaning or style. Combined, the different elements strengthen each other forming a larger artwork.

The first carved customs to start of your own Paper Totem! are by none other than Shin Tanaka. Shin is famous for his highly recognizable graffiti inspired paper art. For Paper Totem! he has designed three funky pieces!

They can be freely downloaded by clicking on the links below:

Download Shin 01
Download Shin 02
Download Shin 03

Have fun!


blakewest said...

Man! Shin always delivers the goods. I love how he made the figure into a hoody so simply.

Sjors Trimbach said...

Nice idea and good way to start! can't wait to see who will be next.

Nat said...

These are AWESOME! So thanks for them and for a very wonderful website!!

But why does your Shin T.-totems look tall and elegant, while mine short and chubby? O_o
Am I doing something wrong with assembling them?

Dolly Oblong said...

Cheers guys! Glad you like 'm :)

@Nat Thanks for all the kind words ^___^ Perhaps when printing your printer was set to letter size or something other then A4? It should be set to A4. If you keep having difficulty send me a message at dollyoblong(a) and I'll walk you through it! Although short and chubby might be kinda cute ;)

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